About Me

Me, March 2016, in my natural habitat. Ignore the mess.

I’m older than I’d like to be, yet younger than I will become.

I have been a poet, a folk singer, an actor, a programmer, “Web Content Coordinator,” bicyclist, hiker, an English major, a computer game designer, and a waiter.

I was a sort-of-mid ’80s new wave punk, a late ’80s – early ’90s Deadhead, an early ’90s Phish fan, and now I’m back to Deadhead and trying Parrot Head on for size.

My plans include tuning up the bicycle again and writing a novel.

I live with a cool girlfriend, a dog, a good cat and an annoying cat, and some number of fishes that do not concern me.

My dream is to sail around the world on a sailboat.