The Spindrift Daysailer that was briefly going to cost $300. I could have towed this with my Chevy Sonic, but otherwise, the boat was in bad shape. I'm happier with the 22-footer that I did buy.

Spindrift Daysailer: I Almost Bought This

Note: This article about a Spindrift Daysailer that I almost bought isn’t a terribly important piece. Like a DVD bonus feature, it’s a bit I edited out of the SO, I BOUGHT A BOAT. (PART ONE) post. I thought it might be a little interesting, though.

When I was looking for an inexpensive sailboat to buy, I found a Spindrift Daysailer listed on Craigslist. It was on the hard at Moraine State Park. The owner wanted $300 for it, well with my limited budget. The listing told its exact location at the marina, so I went to look at it. It had some major issues, the biggest being obvious stress cracking in the joint between the centerboard case and the cockpit floor. Also, it needed all of its wood trim and the wooden seats replaced.

O’Day created the original Daysailer, but by the time this boat was made, O’Day was building the Daysailer II and this older design Daysailer was manufactured by Spindrift. Spindrift made the boat rather cheaply, from what I could gather from the Internet.

It was definitely a project boat, but it was better than nothing. At the least, the trailer seemed to be in great shape. I thought of it as a nice trailer for $300 and a free boat. And it was right there!  The whole thing was light enough to tow behind my Chevy Sonic. I could tow it away that night, no problem! I emailed the owner right then and there offering cash on the barrel head for it. He responded two days later, with this message:

Since I had no response on Craig’s List, I moved the sale to eBay.
It is now up for sale via a 7 day auction on eBay.  Item 322267338272
There is no Buy it now option.
I want to point out that the guy was full of crap, and that when I emailed him about the boat, the ad was about 7 hours old. That’s some kind or response, at least. (Craigslist tells you how old an ad is.)
It seems that what really happened is that he had a LOT of interest, and decided to make more dough. Whatever. I wasn’t interested in playing eBay games for what was clearly going to be a major project.

I’m happy to have bought the boat that I did buy for $15 more than this thing cost the winning bidder.